Early in Paul’s work in metalsmithing, he started creating talismans using Paracelsus’ system of planetary timing for casting the metal, along with Qabalistic and Hermetic imagery for drawing in the influences desired, as well as ancient beads, stones, and other objects also imbued with sacred intelligence by past artisans. All these elements, when brought together through Paul’s imagination and art, created a teleological force for drawing in the perfected expression of a specific energy: prosperity through Jupiter’s influence, love through the energy of Venus, and so on.

At the same time, Paul was studying the Alchemical writings of Paracelsus, and he saw the common philosophical thread that united the talisman and the Spagyric. Both were created to carry a specific energy, what Paracelsus called a “box of sidereal energy”, but Spagyrics, being made of once-living plants, created a much more adaptable and flexible talisman that could be used for spiritual practice or healing. That was in 1991, when we met and I brought my herbal knowledge to the picture and we created Al-Kemi as a result.

Since then we have both continued making jewelry and working with ancient beads, stones, carvings and objects, refining our techniques and skills to create both talismans and amulets. Once the pandemic started, keeping us at home even more than our normal hermit life, we have been more inspired to manifest the pieces our imaginations create, and our studio has been a busy and productive place.

Part of the draw is the meditative and peaceful work of creative expression and its therapeutic effect on body and mind. But we’re also motivated to send some of that energy outwards, into the world to those who will appreciate it and be helped by it, much as we do with our Spagyrics. And so, when Paul’s collection of completed work started to grow, we decided it was time to create this website to share these pieces and our thoughts on their creation, meaning, and purpose.

We’ve listed Paul’s first three collections of jewelry, and we also have a small group of articles about talismans, ancient beads and objects and related subjects, and we will be adding more jewelry and writings as the site grows.

We have also created Instagram and Facebook pages for Telos Collection, and a group called Talismanic Revival for the discussion of talismans, amulets, and their making and use. For updates about our work, new collections, special events, and more, we invite you to sign up for the Telos Collection newsletter.

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