These three terms are used interchangeably, but each has its own specific purpose, energy, and use.

A charm is worn to attract good luck, which we can understand when we think about “charm” in the sense of both a little jewelry object, and the quality of being pleasing or attractive.

The word comes from the Latin for “song”, which also gives us the word “chant”. True magical charms are created through a process involving an incantation or spoken spell to charge them with the intention of the user.

Amulets provides protection from danger, evil and disease- the word “amulet” comes from a root word that means to carry away, avert, or remove. Amulets can be specific to a particular influence or attack that the creator charges it against, such as the evil eye or fire, or they can be general protective objects that guard the user against all harms.

A talisman, by contrast, draws an influence in, as we see in its root word,”telos”, meaning “end”, in the sense of a natural conclusion or completion, especially of a ritual or rite.

A talisman is used to attract a magickal benefit to its owner, and is nearly always specific and targeted. A talisman can be created to draw in love, riches, wisdom, long life, or nearly any other desire which can be coherently expressed as an intention for the piece.

Much of these ancient reasons for wearing magickally charged jewelry have been lost over time and yet there is still a connection to their ancient roots, particularly through the energies of the seven archetypal planets.

The additional beauty which is given to a wearer of jewelry is an enhancement through Venus, for example, while a strong design calls on powers of Mars and a well balanced design carries Jupiter’s influences.

Jewelry has always been a visual marker of what a person’s beliefs or allegiances are to. It has existed since the first peoples picked up and strung an object on a rawhide cord to wear it around their necks.

Symbols are easily recognizable in jewelry whether dealing with a person’s status or religious belief. They have long been a way to show connectivity to a group of people and ideas or stand out as an individual.

As Carl Jung said:

“The sign is always less than the concept it represents, while a symbol always stands for something more than its obvious and immediate meaning.”

The history of jewelry is as vast and ancient as that of mankind, and its place with us over the eons has created its magick and its power.I work with ancient and old objects recovered from throughout history, and I consider these treasures to be partners in my art, building a connection between the past, the present and the future through Art and its connection with the powers of the subconscious self.

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